Thursday, January 9, 2014

Stretches for the Littlest Clients

Don't forget that little ones need to stretch too and this is a healthy habit to build with them that will give them lifelong benefits. It really is the little things that over time make the largest impacts on our lives. As a bonus, do this with them! Everyone wins!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Client Stretches

For the desk bound client, we have these fabulous stretches and every little bit counts! I can't tell you the times that just a few sun salutations have eased back pain and stiffness for me but in an office setting, busting out yogi skills isn't usually an option. This however is something that can be easily taped to a cubicle for a visual reminder to take care of yourself! Stretch it out!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New year, healthier you...

The benefits of massage are incredibly well documented. More and more, people are becoming aware of the health benefits of bodywork rather than thinking of it only in terms of a luxury. With that in mind, this is the ideal time of year to set about creating time for you; an hour of massage once a week or even once a month will get you noticeable results. That hour will come to be one that you look forward to and massage can be a life-changer. Among it's many benefits is increased immunity, stress relief, and building a strong body image.

We live in a world that keeps many of us saturated in stress and that encourages all of us to be critical of our physical selves. Over time, just those two elements take a toll and that is excluding a lot of other existing factors. The wear and tear on our minds translates to wear and tear on the body and sickness soon ensues and then it becomes a bit of a vicious cycle until such time that we manage to break away from it. I know because I have been there myself and seen it over and over with others. Stress is a killer.

Begin this year with a resolve to self-care and to receiving regular massage. Settle your mind that the time on the table is a priority for you and see what it can do for you. If you don't care for massage where you had a session then see another therapist because massage therapists are not the same and all have different techniques. Explore and invite healing into your life!