Thursday, December 26, 2013

Eucalyptus Soap

18-in-1 Hemp Pure Castile Liquid Soap EUCALYPTUS, 16 Oz, Dr. Bronners Magic Soaps
I have a product I would like to recommend. Late in September, I bought a bottle of Dr. Bronners eucalyptus soap and I got the biggest bottle I could find. This was mainly because I love aromatherapy (as you may have gathered) and I wanted to help keep my family as healthy as possible so this seemed like an excellent addition. We are a family of five and have used it every day since it was bought and we still haven't even gotten to the halfway point yet! A little of it goes a very long way and because it has olive oil in it, it also keeps us way more moisturized than any store bought soap we have ever used before. I recommend this to everyone and it really does help with the airways. We have all been kept breathing and healthy, thanks to aromatherapy and this soap is part of that. There are other varieties to choose from and I would fully encourage you to do so. Cheers!